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Disease & Pest Recognition

The key to keeping hives healthy is to identify diseases & pests quickly. The following are links to pictures you should use to help recognize varrious condidtions.

Beekeeping Equipment Supply - (Manufacturers & Wholesale Only)

Entomology Equipment Suppliers

GARDENS ARE - Display Cases, Insect Pins, ...

Home Training Tools
665 Carbon St.
Billings, MT 59102

Ward's Natural Science
PO Box 92912
Rochester, NY 14692-9012

Tropical Butterflies and Insects of America
6823 Rosemary Dr.
Tampa FL 33625-3980

Local Honey Suppliers

Middlesex County

  • Giamarese Farm: 155 Fresh Pond Road, East Brunswick, 732-821-9494, http://www.giamaresefarm.com/.
  • John Himich Farms: 701 Cranbury Road, East Brunswick, 732-257-1538.
  • Schmidt's Farm: 1762 Englishtown Road, Old Bridge, 732-735-0095.
  • Stiles Apiaries: 859 King George Road, Fords, 732-661-0700.

Somerset County

Hunterdon County

Bee Research Labs Around the World


  1. Dr. Denis Anderson, CSIRO
  2. Dr. Ben Oldroyd, University of Sydney
  3. Dr. Ryszard Maleszka, Visual Science, The Australian National University
  4. Insect Vision, Navigation and "Cognition" Laboratory, The Australian National University
  5. Macquarie University Dr. Ken Cheng


  1. Dr. Karl Crailsheim, University of Graz, Austria


  1. Simon Fraser University Bee Lab: Dr. M.L. Winston
  2. University of Guelph Bee Lab: Dr. G.W. Otis | Dr. C.D. Scott-Dupree
  3. University of Manitoba Dr. R. Currie


  1. Institute of Apicultural Research Academy of Agricultural Sciences, Beijing, China
  2. Eastern Bee Institute, Yunnan Agricultural University


  1. Sheffield University Apiculture and Social Insect laboratory


  1. Dr. Yves Le Conte, Institut national de la Recherche Agronomique, Centre d'Avignon


  1. Freie University Berlin Prof. Dr. R. Menzel
  2. Johann Wolfgang Goethe-Universitaet Frankfurt am Main Prof. Dr. N. Koeniger | Prof. Dr. S.D. Fuchs
  3. Technische Universitaet Berlin Prof. Dr. J. Erber
  4. Technische Universitaet Darmstadt Prof. Dr. W. Kaiser
  5. University of Konstanz Prof. Dr. W. Kirchner


  1. Indian Institute of Science Prof. R. Gadagkar


  1. Prof. G. Bloch, The Hebrew University of Jerusalem
  2. Prof. A. Hefez, Tel Aviv University
  3. Yaacov Lensky, The Hebrew University of Jerusalem
  4. The Triwaks Bee Research Center, The Hebrew University of Jerusalem
  5. Prof. Sharoni Shafir, The Hebrew University of Jerusalem


  1. Honeybee Science Research Center - Tamagawa University
  2. Dr. Sasaki (in Japanese)
  3. University of Tokyo Prof. T. Kubo (in Japanese)

New Zealand

  1. Dr. Alison Mercer, University of Otago


  1. Dr. Stig W. Omholt, Agricultural University of Norway


  1. Dr. Woyke, Agricultural University SGGW


  1. Dr. Siriwat Wongsiri, Chulalongkorn University

United States of America

  1. Arizona State University Dr. J.H. Fewell
  2. Clemson University Dr. W.M. Hood
  3. Cornell University Bee Lab Dr. N. Calderone | Dr. T. D. Seeley
  4. East Tennessee State University Dr. Darrell Moore
  5. Kentucky State University Dr. Tom Webster
  6. Michigan State University Apiculture Lab | Dr. F.C. Dyer | Dr. Z.Y. Huang
  7. Mississipi State University Dr. C.H. Collison
  8. North Carolina State University Dr. D.R. Tarpy
  9. Ohio State University The Rothenbuhler Honey Bee Research Laboratory | Dr. B.H. Smith | Dr. J. Tew
  10. Oklahoma State University Dr. C.I. Abramson
  11. Oregon State University Dr. Mike Burgett
  12. Penn State University Dr. Nancy Ostiguy
  13. Purdue University Dr. Greg Hunt
  14. Texas A&M University Dr. T. Pankiw
  15. University of California (Davis) Dr. Eric Mussen | Dr. R.E. Page | Dr. C.Y.S. Peng
  16. Universtiy of California (Riverside) Africanized Bees | Dr. K. Visscher
  17. University of Colorado at Boulder Dr. M.D. Breed
  18. University of Delaware Dr. Dewey Caron
  19. University of Florida Dr. H.G. Hall
  20. University of Georgia Dr. K. S. Delaplane
  21. University of Illinois (Urbana-Champaign) Bee Lab | Bee Brain EST | Dr. S.E. Fahrbach | Dr. G.E. Robinson
  22. University of Kansas Dr. D. Smith
  23. University of Miami Dr. K.D. Waddington
  24. University of Montana Bee Lab | Dr. J.J. Bromenshenk
  25. University of Minnesota Duluth Dr. A. Rachinsky
  26. Universtity of Minnesota Twin Cities Dr. M.S. Spivak
  27. University of Nebraska Dr. M. Ellis
  28. University of North Carolina GreensboroDr. O. Rueppell
  29. University of Puerto Rico, Dr. Tugrul Giray
  30. University of Tennessee Dr. J. Skinner
  31. Washington State University Bee Molecular Lab | Dr. S.W. Sheppard
  32. USDA Bee Lab: Baton Rouge, LA
  33. USDA Bee Lab: Belt sville, MD | BeeNome
  34. USDA Bee Lab: Carl Hayden, AZ
  35. USDA Bee Lab: Weslaco, TX

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